Large Capacity Circulating Bath

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Bio-Cabinets Large Capacity Circulating BathLaftech Bio-Cabinets supply quality lab equipment and products throughout Australia. JSR Large Capacity Circulating Baths complement our range of contamination control, fume extraction, forensic and other lab equipment and consumables.

The Bio-Cabinets JSR Model JSIB-50T and JSIB-100T Large Capacity Circulating Baths control temperature within a range of ambient +5°C to 99.9°C.

These Large Capacity Circulating Baths come with an internal and external circulation pump. The internal circulation pump enables precise temperature uniformity in the bath within ± 0.3°C. The external circulation pump enables the flow of water (liquid) to external equipment that needs to be kept constant temperature. The external circulation flow rate is 7 ~ 20 litres/minute @ 450 mbar pressure.

The Large Capacity Circulating Bath Main Specifications Include:

  • Temp. Range  : ambient +5°C ~99°C             
  • Controller : Digital PID Control
  • Accuracy : ± 0.1°C
  • Uniformity : ± 0.3°C
  • Circulation : Internal and external up to 7 ~ 20 liters/min
  • Capacity : 50 / 100 Litres

Standard features and benefits for JSR Model JSIB-series large capacity circulating baths include:

Precision Temperature

  • Immersed incoloy heater with water circulation by magnetic driven pump providing high precision temperature and uniformity
  • Up to Max. 99 °C, ± 0.1°C accuracy, ± 0.3°C uniformity
  • Microprocessor PID Controller within 0.1°C resolution
  • Over Temperature Protection, Alarm, Timer, Auto-tuning, in built temperature, calibration function

Circulation Capability

  • Seamless stainless steel 304 bath is corrosion resistant and provides ease of maintenance
  • Magnetic driven pump is made of ABS material that is corrosion resistant from repeated usage
  • Pump assembly circulates water up to 7 or 20 Liters / min. at pressure up to 450 mbar pressure

For more information about specifications and ordering information > Download 482kb < the Bio-Cabinets Large Capacity Circulating Bath JSIB-series data sheet.

Laftech Bio-Cabinets are the exclusive Australian distributor for JSR Research Inc Laboratory Products.

You'll be pleased to know that our associated company Laftechnologies can provide NATA accredited laboratory providing decontamination, testing, certification and back-up servicing for Bio-Cabinets and other related lab equipment.

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